We are proud to announce that we’ve put together a collective team of successful business women from different parts of life to brainstorm with the CY Ladies.

The idea is to create a cultivating atmosphere, opening our perspectives, stimulating our minds, changing old ways and listening to a diversity of new and original ideas.

You cannot become what you want by remaining what you are.
– Max Depree.

Herewith the stories behind each collective team member that will be sowing seeds into this event. May they see the blossoms and reap the fruit in their life and growing businesses.

Therené Nel

Motivational speaker, singer, actress, MC

In the beginning of 2019 God challenged me to dream again.  And that is when I was confronted with the following: What if my dream was my calling – part of my purpose? Then I have the obligation to follow it.

As a mother of 4 girls (now women) I have always made it my mission for them to know who they are.  As a girl and later as a woman I really struggled with my identity, especially after my divorce. That is why I decided to figure myself out and deal with stuff, because that would give my daughters the courage to deal with theirs.

The perfect mom recognizes her imperfection and embrace it…so that is what I did. One of the things women struggle with the most is identity. We spend our whole life trying to look, sound and be like someone else. Imagine we can teach our younger generation to look at themselves through God’s eyes so that they can know who they are. I have a heart to help women see themselves through God’s eyes.

Since I can remember I have loved the stage. As a teacher I saw how you can use the stage to have influence.  And that’s when two of my worlds collided and I realized that I want to use creativity to unlock dreams, truths and identity in people’s lives – especially women and children.

Therené Nel
Email: therene.nel@gmail.com

Alta Stegmann

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I am an experienced Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator creating design solutions for clients in a broad range of industries. I enjoy collaborating with clients to build their brand identity and craft their promotional materials. I started freelancing in 2005 so that I can work with a wide range of clients one-on-one and can focus on illustration passion projects. I have been lucky enough to develop long term partnerships with some of my clients and see their businesses grow and flourish. I have BA Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Stellenbosch University.

Alta Stegmann
Email: alta.stegmann@gmail.com

Fit Mom 100

Bianca Welsh

Because I am a mommy myself I needed to do something for me… I fell in love with the feeling after a good workout.  I created FitMOM100 to help mommies feel worthy, fit, fabulous, positive and strong not only physically but also spiritually. A space where I can be me, surrounded by positive energy, “feel good” hormones pumping, where sweat becomes my glow and my workout becomes my happy place! I believe if you feel good about yourself you will climb any mountain, dance in any storm, face your giant and laugh without fear of the future.

Bianca Welsh
Email: bianca@fitmom100.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FitMom100/

The Cutting Board Culinary Tailoring & Pretty Celebrations Baking

Irma Duvenage

The perfect combination of savoury and sweet – that’s what you get when you combine The Cutting Board Culinary Tailoring with Pretty Celebrations Baking. This sister duo, Irma Duvenage and Karen Ackermann is looking forward to tantalize your taste buds at the deli during this year’s CY Market.

Famous for their harvest tables filled with the most interesting and generous salads, quiches, sandwiches, cakes and pastries, you are guaranteed a feast to enjoy with friends and family. Good food always has a way of bringing people together and it is their passion to contribute to that joy in the lives of those they serve.

“We look forward to welcoming you to our harvest table”

Irma Duvenage
Email: irmaduvenage@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/culinarytailoring/

Yolande Snyders Photography

Yolande Snyders

The drive behind my business is simple, it’s to serve clients with my skills and talent.

I had an interest in entrepreneurship from a very young age and I knew that studying law will have no creative outlet for me. Photography is my passion and with combining entrepreneurship my business was established in January 2006.

Lifestyle photography brings me in contact with so many other business owners which in return is always a priceless experience. I love collaborations and being a creative sounding board for clients who need a different perspective. A Photograph can encapsulate so much to the viewer without saying a word and that to me is the best part of it all. It can sell a feeling, a product or evoke an emotion, which to any client is very important and to me is always the main goal of capturing.”

Yolande Snyders
Email: yolande.snyders@gmail.com
Website: https://ysp.co.za/

Niki Professional Make-up

Niki Lonte

Niki Professional was founded in 2010 when founder and owner, Nicky Lonte, realised that there was a big need for a professional make-up brand in beauty salons.
A long lasting product that blends beautifully with the skin, colours to die for and quality that no other makeup brand can compare to.

NIKi Professional was created using the best ingredients and combinations ensuring superior quality for photographic work as well as everyday use. With this wide range of products and colours, your business will be a beauty destination!

Niki Lonte
Email: info@nikkiprofessional.co.za
Website: https://nikiprofessional.co.za/

Pretty Social

Anina Heyns

Pretty Social offers social media strategies and advertising to local businesses in the Helderberg, Stellenbosch and surrounding areas. Through our assistance and expertise, we focus on increasing enquiries, bookings and sales that drive a stellar turnover. We specialise in the wedding, décor, travel and lifestyle industries.

Our small team works smartly – expect a friendly, hands-on, practical approach to your business’ social media and marketing challenges. We love telling brand stories in unique ways. All too often, because social media is intimidating, it gets a bad name. We’ll go out of our way to simplify processes and free up your valuable time.

The magic of partnering with Pretty Social lies in working with a passionate, close-knit team of professionals that relishes working together to achieve knockout results.

Anina Heyns
Email: anina@prettysocial.co.za
Website: https://prettysocial.co.za/

Ladine Louw Interior Decoration

Ladine Louw

Ladine Louw Interior Decoration was established in 2019, after encouragement by friends and family who loved how I transformed my own space. I have setup home twice since I got married 10 years ago and also have a pool house and beach house. I completed my first major project last year, a 5 bedroom home in Clara Anna Fontein. I enjoy working with people, finding out what their needs are, and then creating them in a practical and aesthetic way. Mixing colors, textures and contrasts feels like play and not like work.

I am a farmer’s wife and mother of three. My home is a place for me to live, relax and build wonderful memories with my family and friends that I will cherish for years to come. That’s what drives me when I design a place for other families, since each one has its own unique needs.

My services include ideas and planning for building new homes as well as building and improving homes. The design and manufacture of furniture, curtains and blinds. Renovation of existing furniture. Purchase of art and decor and then styling in and around the house.

Ladine Louw
Email: ladine.louw@gmail.com

Four Palms Guesthouse

Carina Viljoen

Doing my work from home has always been my dream and something that seemed “nice” to me.  It has never felt like a job to welcome people and make the reception area as pleasant as possible, so that they have an unforgettable time and experience.  So I discovered that it is definitely my passion to operate Four Palms Guesthouse!

Four Palms was an existing guesthouse when we bought it from the previous owners in 2007. I started with 4 rooms and today, almost 13 years later, we operate a 4 star guesthouse with 10 rooms.

I have 4 very talented and reliable staff members without whom it would not be possible.

We mainly accommodate corporate clients and vacationers during the school holidays. Over the 13 years we have built a good reputation on Tripadvisor and Booking.com and have already received a few awards.

Carina Viljoen
Email: info@fourpalms.co.za

Stone Shed

Jana Coetzee

I’m a stay-at-home mom with an agricultural degree, and our two miracle kids are the love of our lives! Although it was extremely satisfying for me, I knew something was missing where I could express my creativity and live my love for people! The seed was planted when I realized with the children’s parties I  want to create, entertain, make beautiful and I can offer it to others! My husband was very supportive from the beginning and he suggested that we build a reception hall in Vrymansfontein where I can live my dream. It has always been my dream to provide a more intimate, homely and individual experience for clients than a brand new modern hall. On a lovely rainy Sunday afternoon walk as a family we explored the farm and the moment we walked past the primitive, shed I knew, the building is slightly dilapidated but beautiful with its own genuine charm and character. Here I want to create, make beautiful and be creative!

My dream immediately took hold and with the build and break my mother-in-law Estelle joined in the new adventure. We all worked hard on the project and by November 2015 the first wedding was celebrated in the Stone Shed. The Stone Shed offers an honest and homely atmosphere with its ‘rustic’ feel, corrugated roof and wooden beams. Our aim was and still is to make every function memorable, to make each bride feel extra special, to put every flower with love into a bouquet and to greet each guest with a smile.

I still live my dream every day where intimate weddings, birthdays, year-end functions, baby teas, conferences and kitchen teas are carefully planned and presented according to every client’s needs!

Jana Coetzee
Email: stoneshedvenue@gmail.com

Catergold & Koeksisters Co.

Karike Norval

I started Catergold in Sept 2015 from a home-based kitchen, taking a leap of faith into the daunting, but exciting world of entrepreneurship. Cooking and entertaining have been part of my life since I can remember, so doing business in the field that I loved was just bound to happen.

Catergold has become a name in the catering field of excellent food and service providers. We are not only a supplier of platters for your event, but we have trained chefs who we will allocate to your event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Food is a universal language of love for all cultures in life and brings people together. We see with every event we host / cater – people getting together enjoying each other’s company and enjoying the food we offer. This can range from buffet meals, platters that we deliver, roaming waiters on site, three course meal service or even just a food parcel delivery to a group of people.

We do what we love, because our clients love what we do and offer them.

Karike Norval
Email: karike@catergold.co.za

Phili Organic

Schantelle Ellis

It all started with a dream, a piece of land and my Mother. I helped my Mother strengthen after a setback with her health. Unfortunately, she lost her battle against ulcerative colitis which she suffered from.

We talked a lot and dreamed about the future. The backyard was already being converted into a vegetable garden. It was in the beginning stage and there was still a lot of work to be done. At that time, I was a full-time corporate job and did not know a lot about gardening. My mother was the one with green fingers and not me!

The garden was my escape to make sense of her passing and my place to talk to the Lord.

The sadness was and still overwhelms me. I started digging into the soil and planted a seed. The seed immediately germinated and grew. Before long, there were vegetables and I kept planting!

I discovered my passion and permanently exchanged my high heels for garden boots and pruning shears! I am still in the beginning stages of my dream but it caught on with a flame and I now farm every day in my garden to stay with the demand of healthy delicious organic pesto’s and vegetables!

Schantelle Ellis
Email: schantelle.ellis@gmail.com