FAQ’s by Exhibitors2020-02-14T13:16:47+02:00


by Exhibitors
How will I list all my products I want to display at the market?2020-02-10T12:22:57+02:00

You will receive a product list to complete after you have been selected as an exhibitor.

Where will customers pay for their products?2020-02-10T12:24:29+02:00

The market will provide a central till point system for all the exhibition options.

How will I label/price my products?2020-02-10T12:25:00+02:00

A barcode system will be used with barcode price labels. You will be able to print them yourself after receiving a PDF template of opt for the option that we print them for you.  It would also be possible for you to use your own barcodes providing that it consists of numbers only.

Can I add new products or change pricing during the market?2020-02-10T12:25:44+02:00

No changing of prices or adding of new products will be allowed during the event.
We will give a window that will allow for additional products to be added 2 weeks before the event after your product list was mailed to us, end of July for processing.

Can I bring extra stock during market?2020-02-10T12:26:20+02:00

You can replenish depleted stock during the course of the market at specific from 8:00 –  9:00 in the mornings after 16:00 in the afternoon.

Is my registration fee refundable?2020-02-10T12:27:25+02:00

The registration fee is non-refundable!

When will I receive payment for my products sold during the market?2020-02-10T12:28:14+02:00

Payments will be made to you within 14 days after market via EFT

Market working hours/shifts2020-02-10T12:28:46+02:00

You will be asked to do a compulsory 4 hour shift as part of your exhibitor’s duties.  This is only applicable to exhibitors that is not manning their own stalls during the 7 days.

How will I know how many of my products have been sold or how much stock is left?2020-02-10T12:29:22+02:00

During the event you will be able to visit an exhibitor site that will provide sale and stock details throughout the market at any time.

Damages or loss2020-02-10T12:29:55+02:00

All items are displayed at exhibitors own risk and CY Market accepts no responsibility for damages or loss of any items.


We will take all necessary precautions and security measures to minimize breakage and loss of items. We are open to any suggestions that could help with security and better sales.